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If you had enough sending your CV to the recruiters via Job boards, and not really hearing much back from them (besides the auto responses) you might give a try the Social Media for Recruitment – Jobs Market site. How does it work? Just put your profile on, and it is visible online immediately. You can even write your own blog there, and present yourself, your career, your achievements, your interests.

When you publish your profile on the Social Network site as opposed to just another CV database in some job board, your Profile is free to all Employers and they can contact you directly without any burdens. You then choose who do you want to accept and embrace with. Recruitment Social Networks Jobs Market is the future of recruitment. You can publish your existing blog on it, the RSS, the Twitter,….

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    #178 brgy. Dalig Balagtas Bulacan
    Mobile # 09153790283


    More than 10 years experience in telecommunication, data/voice communication in shifting schedule, based on mother earth station. In depth knowledge in the installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of broadband remote access server, which involves in various DSLAM project. Installation of copper E1 and fiber optic for transmission. Installation of a new telephone line cut over and rehab.

    P.O. Box 5688 Dammam,

    November 2006- November 2008

    • Currently engage in the ALCATEL Broadband Remote Access Server project which involves various DSLAM equipment survey, installation, commissioning, PAT & maintenance.
    • Work assignments all around the kingdom which involves much of traveling. Site survey and preparation of surveyed documents for presentation and approval.
    • Does primary and secondary copper cable splicing, cut-overs and installation of various dp’s (distribution point), terminal blocks, verification and termination of cabinet and testing, Grounding Project for equipment safety and maintenance .
    • MDF set up & compression to facilitate installation of new additional telephone lines as per system upgrade. Installation of premise distribution systems. FOC tie cable installation together with ODF rack mounting and cable termination. Installation of inside plant network equipments,cable laying and termination used for HDSL/DSL lines.
    • Installs underground cable – ducted and direct buried cable laying (copper), fiber optic duct pulling and recovery. Dismantling of Old Plant for cable & equipment recovery, etc.

    Project Name: MDF Compression Existing (256 Block to 512 Block ) at Saudi Telecom Company
    Project Area:Dammam,Riyadh and Jeddah

    • Readiness of phone line to be cut over.
    • Laying new jumper wire from LC/AIU New Block to Existing Block and DSL Block.
    • Tracing of existing jumper not in the cut shit and put jumper.
    • Termination of new jumper to new installed AIU block and existing primary and DSL Block
    • Continuity test new AIU block and existing AIU Block if new jumper is thru.
    • Cut¬¬-over from existing jumper and block to new block and jumper done at 12am to 3am.
    • Call testing if the new jumper and block if all working

    Project Name: Tie Cable/Additional of E1 for Transmission at Saudi Telecom Company
    Project Area:Dammam,Riyadh and Jeddah.

    • Laying of STP 16 pair cable from DIXI to DIXI Panel or DIXI to Siemens Block.
    • Preparation of E1 cable for termination.
    • Termination of E1 to DIXI panel and to siemens block using rapping gun.
    • Continuity testing STP cable from both ends.
    • Cable tray installation if required by the STC.

    Project Name:TEP450K Junction 2008/ Installation and Testing of OSN 1500,2500,3500 and upgrade of OSN 9500 HUAWEI EQPT.
    Project Area:Dammam,Riyadh, Jeddah andTabuk.

    • Installation of HUAWEI Rack.
    • Installation of HUAWEI Equipment to the Rack.
    • Laying of grounding cable from equipment to bus bar.
    • Laying of power cable from equipment to rectifier.
    • Termination of E1 cables from equipment to E1 block.
    • Continuity testing of E1 cables from equipment connection.
    • Insertion of cards to equipment.
    • Laying of patch cords from the equipment to ODF
    • Labeling of cables and rack.
    • Power up and testing.

    Plaza Pioneer st. 1552 Mandaluyong City Philippine
    Apriln 16 1997-April 30 2003

    Senior Technician(Job grade 3)


    Installation of telephone line, maintenance and repair. Installation of lease line circuits, Advance Digital Subscriber line (DSL/ADSL/HDSL)

    • Trouble Shooting, installation of DSL/ADSL, splitter subtract.
    • ADSL line termination subtract version T.
    • Network termination


    • Globe Telecom Broadband, installation of ADSL/DSL, configuration, testing and trouble shooting.


    • Knowledge in Speed Touch USB software used for installation of ADSL/DSL. Inspection of Payphone in NCR area, conduct survey for payphone installation and installation of payphone booth.
    • Maintain region 1, 2 and 3 for lease line installation, coordinate to other section for business matter.

    Dansalan st. Mandaluyong City Philippines
    Telephone Installer and repair man


    Installation of new telephone line from DP to subscriber, maintenance and trouble shooting.Jumpering MDF from horizontal to vertical, and primary to secondary cable.


    • Under Zero Backlog 5-S
    NCR region Dansalan st. Manila Philippines

    • Installation of new telephone line, trouble shooting and repair, cut over and duplication of telephone line.
    • Maintenance, recovery of tel. unit, clean up dead drop wire, rehabilitation of MDF. Cabinet jumpering and upgrade of telephone unit.
    • Immediate response trouble to maintain quality line service business and residential.
    • Coordinate with the section or department on a business matters, negotiation in the building admin for possible installation of new telephone line.


    Company : Globe Telecom GMRC, inc.
    Topic : Data Communication Training
    Date : August 8, 2000

    Company : Green ADS Aerocheck Systems
    Topic : Advance Defensive Driving and Road Safety Seminar
    Date : August 21-22, 2000

    Company : 3M Telecom System Division
    Topic : OSP Cable Fault Locating using the dyantel 965 DSP
    Date : September 8, 2000

    Company : Department of transportation and Communication/TTi
    Topic : Basic Technology/OSP
    Date : February 10-12, 1998

    Company : Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
    Topic : Basic Station Installation/Class no. 121
    Date : September 22, 1993


    College : Technological Institute of the Philippines
    Bachelor of science Electrical Engineering
    P. casal st. Manila Philippines

    Secondary : St. Lawrence Academy
    Borol 1st Balagtas, Bulacan, Philippines

    Primary : Borol 2nd Elementary School
    Balagtas, Bulacan, Philippines


    Date of birth : January 15, 1970
    Place of birth : Balagtas Bulacan
    Civil Status : Married
    Citizenship : Filipino
    Height : 5’6
    Sex : Male
    Religion : Roman Catholic
    Language : English/Tagalog


    Name : Remberr R. Castillo
    Position : Senior Manager
    Adress : Globe Telecom Plaza Pioneer Cor. Madizon St.
    1552 Mandaluyong City, Philippines

    Name : Armando S. Quiazon
    Position : Senior Technician Specialist
    Adress : Globe Telecom Plaza Pioneer Cor. Madizon St.
    1552 Mandaluyong City, Philippines

    Name : Bomba Fontanar
    Position : Manager (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.)
    Adress : Dansalan St. Mandaluyong City Philippines

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