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Career Consultant on Job Hunting Strategies

There is no point haveing a great CV is employers or recruiters never see it. I often meet jobseekers who complain that they are not securing interviews only to find that they are not distributing their CV. Here is a great article on how to manage job hunting. Job Hunting Strategies – Career Consultant offeres excellent advice about using agencies, using job boards, networking and much more.

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CV Preparation

CV Preparation – A quick story!!

I read this CV story recently and though I would share it with you.

Two students finished college for the summer and they turned their attention to finding a job. The first student spent the first two weeks perfecting their CV and after two weeks had a Killer CV. The other student got on the phone calling employers and got a job.

Key points:

You don’t need a CV to get a job

Don’t waste time preparing your CV – use a professional CV writing service.

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CV Preparation & Interview Coaching – Cost?

The cost of CV Services & Interview Coaching in Ireland

We are not great shoppers in Ireland. RIP OFF REPUBLIC!! Many say it is our own fault as we are lazy. I certainly do not shop around when I am on the market for good or services. I guess most jobseekers are the same. They need CV Services & Interview Coaching Services and go with the 1st professional they call. You could be lucky (and call me) or you could be unlucky. Price is certainly not the most important thing when seeking CV & Interview services but we all have a budget.

I had a funny feeling that I was not charging enough for my services so I embarked on a bit of market research. Let me share with you what some providers are offering in Ireland. I will provide the information I have to date and add to this as I am still awaiting additional info.

Interview Coaching – Cost!!

a) 150.00 for 1.0 hours (= hourly rate 150.00)
b) 175.00 for 1.5 hours (= hourly rate 116.00)
c) 290.00 for 2.5 hours (= hourly rate 116.00)
d) 145.00 for 1.5 hours (= hourly rate 96.00)

CV Writing Service – Cost!!

CV services are a bit misleading because you don’t know what you are getting. I refer you to this article on CV services and checking them out. For example I could knock a CV out in about an hour. It would cost very little and get you very little results. Here are some of the prices I found.

a) 175.00
b) 115.00
c) 269.00

Please post a comment if you have been charged a different rate or any other CV on Interview Coaching experience you had.

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CV Preparation in Ireland

An impact CV is a key ingredient for success in the job market. Unfortunately most CV’s I review do not sell the owner and lack impact. Below I have outlined a number of excellent articles that can help you improve your CV preparation skills. Improve the quality of your CV and you will increase interview invitations. This will help you land your dream job.

Common CV mistakes – Avoid!!

As stated most CV’s I review are flawed. They fall down in many areas but there are common mistakes I see every day. Here are a couple of articles which will outline some of the most common CV mistakes you should avoid. Read CV Advice – mistakes and CV Preparation – mistakes.

CV preparation – CV Layout & CV Format

CV layout and CV format are very important for an impact CV. CV Format & CV Layout outlines some of the basic CV format and CV layout points to consider. Take these on board when writing your CV.

How many pages? – CV Writing

A common question I am asked by jobseekers is “how many pages for a CV?” CV Advice will answer this question.

CV Writing & Interview Coaching

Do you need professional CV writing support? Measurability CV Service offers a professional CV advice to jobseekers across Ireland. Need Interview coaching?

CV Preparation in Ireland – CV Template, CV Format & CV Layout

I was asked an interesting question today – “Is there any difference in CV Layout, CV Format or CV Templates for the various counties in the South of Ireland?” I will quickly answer this question and then give some general information on CV Templates, CV Formats and CV Layout in Ireland.

Answer – There are 26 counties in Republic of Ireland and from experience the same CV principles apply to all 26. In fact the same principles will apply to most countries. Can anyone name the 26 counties? Answer at the bottom of the post BUT I am sure you all got it.

CV Template in Ireland

There are many CV templates used in Ireland varying from simple to fancy. Personally I sway towards simple. Whatever CV Template you use it should contain the following – Personal Details, Education & Training, Work Experience and Hobbies & Interests. The order of these will depend on the role and your background. Other topics can include Value Statements, Key Skills, Additional Information and References.

CV Format in Ireland

The most popular format in Ireland in Chronological CV. Most recruiters expect this type of CV and can access information easily. There are other formats that can be used in certain situations. This post will provide more information on CV Format.

CV Layout in Ireland

CV Layout is equally important in a CV. Ensure that you have a focused CV and this will ultimately dictate your Layout. Do you want to know how to focus your CV?

Here are list of counties promised – Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon, Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow, Clare, Cork, Kerry Limerick, Tipperary & Waterford

Cover Letter TipsCV Writing Tips & Help

CV Format for jobs in Ireland

CV Format

CV format is very important when writing a CV for the Irish job market or in fact any job market. Ignore this element and it will cost you valuable interviews. There are a number of popular formats which I will discuss but my advice is that a CV is a fluid document so never take a strict approach to CV format.

CV Format – The chronological CV

This is perhaps the most popular CV in Ireland. This is because recruiters expect it and find it easy to read and get the information the need. Basically it is a CV style that lists most relevant work experience first and works backwards. This option is great if you have continuous work experience with little job hopping. It is also great when your most recent work experience or qualifications are relevant to the role that you are applying for. This CV format can cause problems when you are returning to work after a long period out, when you have gaps in employment, when you have switched jobs regularly or when the most recent work experience is not relevant to the role that you are applying for. In these cases you might consider another CV format. There are a number of other CV format styles that I will discuss in later posts including the Competency CV or Functional CV.

CV Format is just one element for CV success.

Selecting a CV style is just one aspect of CV design. There are many other important points including basics like spelling & grammar but also layout and content. This site has free advice on CV writing so feel free to browse for information to help you design an impact CV. Read this useful article.

CV Service in Ireland

There are many CV service providers in Ireland to help you on the road to career success. Measurability offer CV services for professionals across Ireland. Visit www.measurability.ie for more information about the services.

CV Advice from a CV expert in Ireland – Distributing your CV

You invest time into writing your CV and now feel you have a document that will make an impact and get you interviews. A strong CV will help but it is only part of the process for securing interviews. You have to distribute your CV. Easy you might say but you would be surprised how many individuals I meet who can’t seem to find jobs and manage their job search ineffectively. Below are some of the key channels to explore.

Recruitment Agencies

This is a popular resource for jobseekers as it takes the hard work out of finding a job. Send your CV off to an agency and sit back and wait for the interviews. There are some important points to remember when dealing with agencies. You need to find the right agencies for your skills so you must research the market. A tip to find suitable agencies is to see what agencies are advertising for your skills on the job boards and or you can ask for recommendations from friends or work colleagues. You must also try to meet the recruiter and build a relationship. A final point is to take the initiative and keep in touch with your recruiter(s). They may not have a job for you immediately and you cannot assume that they will call when they get a suitable job. Agencies house thousands of CV’s and recruiters vary in ability.

Job boards

CV databases are an increasingly popular tool offered by job boards in Ireland. You submit your CV to the job board database and the job board will offer this database to employers as part of their service. This is still in its infancy in Ireland and I question how many recruiters or employers actually put the effort in to searching the databases. If you want a good database try this job board.

Sending out speculative CV’s

It has been many moons since I heard of a jobseeker walking the local industrial estates and distributing CV’s. With the market tightening in Ireland this practice may return. If you cannot find suitable jobs online, with agencies or in the papers then go and look for them. This is a time consuming approach BUT an option all the same.

If you need help with CV distribution or you want professional advice on job search strategies in Ireland why not seek help from an expert. Help jobseekers nationwide – Dublin, Meath, Louth, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Sligo and all other counties.

CV Expert – Professional CV preparation advice for jobseekers in Ireland

Why do CV’s get rejected?

There are many reasons why a CV can be rejected by the employer and this post will examine some of those reasons.

CV has poor visual layout

Employers need to be able to find information quickly. You may use the correct wording, grammar and language but if it is difficult to find the information the employer will move onto the next CV. You should have plenty of “white space” on your CV, you should have clear headers and ideally use bullet points. Use white paper and uniform font and font size.

CV that is too long

I normally suggest that individuals try to keep a CV to two pages, unless a client requests that you provide a longer CV. If you find it difficult keeping your CV to two pages you are obviously writing the CV for you and you have not understood what the client is looking for. Remember employers only want to read information that is relevant for them and their recruitment needs.

CV that gives a poor first impression

Like most things in life first impressions count – this is also true for CV’s. You have a 20-30 second window to make an impact. Fail to deliver and fail to get an interview. An employer may have a pile of CV’s to review. Place the information that matters on the first page. Do not leave it to chance that an employer will read to the end of your CV

If you need help with preparing an impact CV why not seek the help of a professional.

CV advice & CV help – Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway & more

When I review CV’s for jobseekers the big mistakes are obvious such as lack of focus, poor format, not selling the owner and poor content.

Ok – you can excuse jobseekers for these mistakes as they are not experts. But you cannot excuse jobseekers for the basic bloopers.

Here are some common basic mistakes you should avoid.

Misspellings & poor grammar – Ok you have a Degree but if you spell it “Degre” you will not make the impact that you want.

Chronological order (Reverse) – Employers want to read the newest stuff first.

Contact details – It will help the employer of they can contact you. I am amazed the number of CV’s I read with wrong phone numbers or email addresses.

Email address – Let’s be sensible about this. Blondandsexy@hotmail.com may not make the impression that you want.

Need a CV reviewed and designed then contact us now.

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CV Service & CV Advice – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick

Quite often the CV is not the problem

I regularly get requests for CV writing and design services from jobseekers only to find out that this is actually not the problem. When jobseekers are not attending interviews it is obvious to think the CV is not working. Quite often the CV is reasonable and the problem lies in level of activity and job search strategies. This is where a little black recruitment book comes in handy as it will provide a clear picture of what you are doing. It sounds obvious but if you are not applying for jobs you will not get any interviews.

Are you struggling in the job market and don’t know why. Speak to an expert!!