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CV Preparation in Ireland

An impact CV is a key ingredient for success in the job market. Unfortunately most CV’s I review do not sell the owner and lack impact. Below I have outlined a number of excellent articles that can help you improve your CV preparation skills. Improve the quality of your CV and you will increase interview invitations. This will help you land your dream job.

Common CV mistakes – Avoid!!

As stated most CV’s I review are flawed. They fall down in many areas but there are common mistakes I see every day. Here are a couple of articles which will outline some of the most common CV mistakes you should avoid. Read CV Advice – mistakes and CV Preparation – mistakes.

CV preparation – CV Layout & CV Format

CV layout and CV format are very important for an impact CV. CV Format & CV Layout outlines some of the basic CV format and CV layout points to consider. Take these on board when writing your CV.

How many pages? – CV Writing

A common question I am asked by jobseekers is “how many pages for a CV?” CV Advice will answer this question.

CV Writing & Interview Coaching

Do you need professional CV writing support? Measurability CV Service offers a professional CV advice to jobseekers across Ireland. Need Interview coaching?

CV Advice – One CV does not fit all jobs

As much as I preach and offer CV advice about the subject I still come across jobseekers that are sending the exact same CV for all jobs without tweaking or amending it. They leave the CV Layout, CV Format & CV Content the same. If this is you – then your job hunting is flawed and you will miss out on important interviews. Jobseekers with a general CV that they send to all jobs are saying to the recruiters – I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU WANT!!

CV Advice – Employer focused CV

As soon as you accept that every job is different and each employer is different you will appreciate that your CV must also be different and amended for each job you apply for. This could be major overhaul BUT it could also be minor tweaking. If an employer does not see what they want to in a short space of time they will file your CV under “B” for BIN

CV Advice – No pain no gain

Yes this will make the application process that little bit more time consuming BUT who said job hunting was easy. When you begin tailoring your CV for particular jobs then you will start to see increases in positive results.

If you need help and CV advice a professional can help.

CV Preparation in Ireland – CV Template, CV Format & CV Layout

I was asked an interesting question today – “Is there any difference in CV Layout, CV Format or CV Templates for the various counties in the South of Ireland?” I will quickly answer this question and then give some general information on CV Templates, CV Formats and CV Layout in Ireland.

Answer – There are 26 counties in Republic of Ireland and from experience the same CV principles apply to all 26. In fact the same principles will apply to most countries. Can anyone name the 26 counties? Answer at the bottom of the post BUT I am sure you all got it.

CV Template in Ireland

There are many CV templates used in Ireland varying from simple to fancy. Personally I sway towards simple. Whatever CV Template you use it should contain the following – Personal Details, Education & Training, Work Experience and Hobbies & Interests. The order of these will depend on the role and your background. Other topics can include Value Statements, Key Skills, Additional Information and References.

CV Format in Ireland

The most popular format in Ireland in Chronological CV. Most recruiters expect this type of CV and can access information easily. There are other formats that can be used in certain situations. This post will provide more information on CV Format.

CV Layout in Ireland

CV Layout is equally important in a CV. Ensure that you have a focused CV and this will ultimately dictate your Layout. Do you want to know how to focus your CV?

Here are list of counties promised – Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon, Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow, Clare, Cork, Kerry Limerick, Tipperary & Waterford

Cover Letter TipsCV Writing Tips & Help

CV Writing, CV preparation advice – Jobseekers in Meath, Dublin & Louth

I hope you find the FREE CV advice on this site useful.

For those new to the site it has information on CV writing, CV format, CV layout, CV mistakes, CV lies and much much more.

A CV is a key ingredient for success in the job market and you must get it right to make an impact and get the opportunity to interview.

If want more advice or a professional CV service visit this site.