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CV & Interview Services in Ireland

Measurability have launched two new websites to expand their CV & Interview Service to jobseekers in Ireland.

The first site www.cvsolutions.ie offers a professional CV writing service nationwide. CVSOLUTIONS delivers high quality CV’s to jobseekers across a range of levels, roles and industry sectors. You can also find excellent CV tips and advice on the site (although this is still being developed).

If you need help with a CV visit www.cvsolutions.ie now.

The second site www.interviewsolutions.ie offers professional interview coaching to jobseekers. INTERVIEWSOLUTIONS delivers a high quality interview preparation service tailoring programmes to meet individual needs. Again you will find some free interview tips and advice on the site.

If you need help preparing for interview visit www.interviewsolutions.ie now.

CV Advice

Below are some quick CV tips to help your CV satnd out in the crowd. Some experts suggest that there are about 120 applicants for every job advertised. Is your CV standing out in that pile of paper?

Don’t let the spelling and grammar gremlins ruin your chances. I am not going to write too much about this basic stuff. Spelling, Grammar and Clean & Simple format.

First page of your CV is the important page. If it doesn’t make 1st page it is not important info. Don’t assume that an employer will take the time to read beyond this. Help the reader save time and energy by locating relevant data as early in the CV as possible.

Less is more – focus your content to relevant data. Try not to clutter your CV with irrelevant information. Help the reader find what they want – emphasis on relevant and less emphasis on irrelevant data.

Achievements and successes bring a CV to live and help you stand out in the crowd. This could be that little edge that makes your CV stand out over the competition.

Remember there is a CV workshop in Dublin on 25th April run by Paul Mullan & Jane Downes – for more info email info@measurability.ie

CV Preparation in Ireland

An impact CV is a key ingredient for success in the job market. Unfortunately most CV’s I review do not sell the owner and lack impact. Below I have outlined a number of excellent articles that can help you improve your CV preparation skills. Improve the quality of your CV and you will increase interview invitations. This will help you land your dream job.

Common CV mistakes – Avoid!!

As stated most CV’s I review are flawed. They fall down in many areas but there are common mistakes I see every day. Here are a couple of articles which will outline some of the most common CV mistakes you should avoid. Read CV Advice – mistakes and CV Preparation – mistakes.

CV preparation – CV Layout & CV Format

CV layout and CV format are very important for an impact CV. CV Format & CV Layout outlines some of the basic CV format and CV layout points to consider. Take these on board when writing your CV.

How many pages? – CV Writing

A common question I am asked by jobseekers is “how many pages for a CV?” CV Advice will answer this question.

CV Writing & Interview Coaching

Do you need professional CV writing support? Measurability CV Service offers a professional CV advice to jobseekers across Ireland. Need Interview coaching?

Interview Preparation

Lets face it interviews can be a difficult experience with nerves, lack of confidence or rustiness breaking the best of us. Interviews can be conquered and you can improve you performance and results. HOW? It’s all about your INTERVIEW PREPARATION. As Roy Keane famously said – “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”

Most jobseekers requesting interview support are obsessed with interview questions and rightly so as interviews consist of a series of questions. The problem with only focusing on questions is that many jobseekers prepare text book answers which lack impact or crumble when the questions they prepare are not asked. I guess it is a bit like exams where some students gamble by only preparing for 1 or 2 exam questions. There is much more to interview preparation that practicing a few questions BUT for the purpose of this post I will address a few popular interview questions and answers.

Why did you leave (are you leaving) your current role?

Describe when are you most motivated in your current job?

How would your last boss describe you?

What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

CV Format for jobs in Ireland

CV Format

CV format is very important when writing a CV for the Irish job market or in fact any job market. Ignore this element and it will cost you valuable interviews. There are a number of popular formats which I will discuss but my advice is that a CV is a fluid document so never take a strict approach to CV format.

CV Format – The chronological CV

This is perhaps the most popular CV in Ireland. This is because recruiters expect it and find it easy to read and get the information the need. Basically it is a CV style that lists most relevant work experience first and works backwards. This option is great if you have continuous work experience with little job hopping. It is also great when your most recent work experience or qualifications are relevant to the role that you are applying for. This CV format can cause problems when you are returning to work after a long period out, when you have gaps in employment, when you have switched jobs regularly or when the most recent work experience is not relevant to the role that you are applying for. In these cases you might consider another CV format. There are a number of other CV format styles that I will discuss in later posts including the Competency CV or Functional CV.

CV Format is just one element for CV success.

Selecting a CV style is just one aspect of CV design. There are many other important points including basics like spelling & grammar but also layout and content. This site has free advice on CV writing so feel free to browse for information to help you design an impact CV. Read this useful article.

CV Service in Ireland

There are many CV service providers in Ireland to help you on the road to career success. Measurability offer CV services for professionals across Ireland. Visit www.measurability.ie for more information about the services.

CV Service & CV Advice – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick

Quite often the CV is not the problem

I regularly get requests for CV writing and design services from jobseekers only to find out that this is actually not the problem. When jobseekers are not attending interviews it is obvious to think the CV is not working. Quite often the CV is reasonable and the problem lies in level of activity and job search strategies. This is where a little black recruitment book comes in handy as it will provide a clear picture of what you are doing. It sounds obvious but if you are not applying for jobs you will not get any interviews.

Are you struggling in the job market and don’t know why. Speak to an expert!!